What A SEO Agency Does For You

What A Top SEO Agency Does For Your Practice Growth

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Have you had those annoying calls from a SEO agency? Most of them pretend to have looked at your website, but they haven’t… and in any case they are incomprehensible and reading a script over a bad connection. There are reputable agencies that do Search Engine Optimization, but it’s not surprising if you have your doubts, if you’ve had these calls from a supposed SEO firm.

A Top SEO Agency Is Content-Based

Good SEO creates what’s called organic traffic. That means you’re not paying for every click – you’re getting results that grow and compound as more original, quality content is added to your site. The content is interesting, useful or entertaining to your target audience, and it’s ideally “evergreen”… which means it will continue to get results for you for years. It has to be written by a skilled English language writer. What you get from good content that’s optimized for SEO:

  • enhanced reputation
  • increased website traffic
  • increased trust
  • fewer calls for basic questions, because they’re answered on your website
  • increased revenues from increased client acquisition

What Does A SEO Agency Actually Do To Optimize Content?

They research the topics (keywords) your target client is interested in, and then create quality content focused on those interests. Then they optimize the content so that Google clearly understands what the content is about and who it is for. Some of the optimization techniques used for every content article our agency creates include:

  • keyword research
  • substantial, quality, original content
  • LSI keyword inclusion
  • effective URL design with canonical URLs
  • load speed optimization
  • title tags
  • category optimization
  • article tags
  • optimized meta description tags
  • stock image inclusion and optimization
  • internal links with appropriate anchor text
  • keyword density tracking
  • site map entries
  • Facebook posting
  • 404 error monitoring
  • 301 redirects where required
  • RSS feeds
  • optimized post pinging

Optional techniques for further increasing the impact of articles include:

  • article silo design
  • schema design
  • custom graphics for Pinterest posting

SEO Shouldn’t Be Risky

So if a top SEO agency is creating optimized content, what are those other guys doing? Well, there are lots of grey and blackhat SEO methods that involve trying to trick Google into ranking your page or site higher. The challenge is that Google is smart – they literally have more data than any other company in the world, so we don’t believe tricking them serves you well in the long run. In fact, trying to “cheat” Google can get your site banned – completely removed from their search engine listings. The impact of this could be catastropic for many businesses, so if Google says not to do something, your SEO agency had better listen, because YOU may suffer the consequences.

What Google wants is great content that meets the needs of searchers and answers their questions. That’s what we create every day. Because we structure that content in a way that’s easy for Google’s robots to understand, and take care of other site issues Google wants addressed such as privacy policies and fast load times, Google likes our client’s content, and their sites rank well.

What Google wants is great content that meets the needs of searchers and answers their questions. Share on X

Did you know that being the first page of Google search is essential? Only 2% of searchers ever go past the first page of results.

SEO Firms Top Five Tasks

So let’s review and simplify. What are the top five tasks your SEO Agency should be doing?

  1. identify the interests of your ideal patients
  2. create useful, optimized, original content for them
  3. ensure your website performs well and converts visitors
  4. help you promote your content so that its seen by more of your potential patients
  5. offer paid traffic to compliment your organic traffic when fast results are needed

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