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Karilee Orchard

Marketing Coach Karilee Orchard - Technology Coach too!I’m Karilee Orchard. My role with Booked Up Practice is to oversee the production of all online media. In addition, I’m the Managing Editor and responsible for maintaining quality standards for our content creation. I’m am also one of the founders of our parent company, Booked Up Publishing.

In 2009, I launched Outcome Marketing, focusing on providing marketing coaching and website development to small businesses – mostly solo entrepreneurs. Previous to that, I’d offered more broad business consulting through Corestone Management Consulting. Clients included municipal, provincial and federal levels of government as well as corporations as small as the corner shop, and as large as IBM.

Integrating marketing strategy with technology is one of my strongest skills. I’m also an entrepreneur with decades of experience in corporate training, consulting, and technology. I was on the internet before it became the World Wide Web. I’ve been a marketing coordinator… and IT Director of a $50,000,000  company. Real world experience lets me be an effective management coach when that’s called for, and for several years I did that primarily, but then my geek side won out…

Early Geek

I used to teach computers before my classrooms had hard drives. In fact, I used to play on the floor of a mainframe computer room when I was a toddler. I have a wide streak of geek in me. That’s been really useful to my clients, as many of them dream of finding a technically competent solutions provider who can actually understand their business problems.

A Geek That Can Communicate?

In spite of that “geek streak”, I know how to communicate. As a trainer and a writer, I’ve always been a “translator” who helps normal people understand the geekery, and make use of technology in ways that work for them. Now that technology is such an integral part of marketing, I find I can really serve business owners to improve their business practices in a way that impacts their bottom line very positively.

On Your Team When Needed

I’m really good at teaching my clients to handle parts of the marketing themselves, but I’ve realized that many need the option to just pass it off. They’re too busy, or their time is simply better spent serving clients or helping patients. And frankly, doing it well is a moving target. With technology change and constantly evolving search engine techniques, successful online marketing is too hard to keep up to date with if you already have another full-time job.

Today, we tend to offer solutions that result in business promotion and client acquisition “done for you”. If you want to be more hands-on, the option is still there, but our aim is to put systems in place that keep new clients coming into your business month after month with minimal impact on your time. We want to free you to provide your professional services without stressing over marketing, because you know it’s handled.

Why I Do What I Do

I love helping businesses succeed. I think building healthy businesses is one of the most positive things I can do to help our economy, and give both business owners and their staff secure incomes and lifestyles.

I believe very deeply that entrepreneurship is one of the best avenues to live a fulfilled and authentic life – a life where you can make your own choices. I’m excited about helping others overcome unnecessary barriers in their lives, barriers between themselves and their dreams that they didn’t consciously choose to put there.

My personal top values are integrity, joy, freedom, and growth, and I think one of the best ways to achieve those is to build a business that contributes your best skills to others and gives you the lifestyle you choose, in terms of hours, income and location.

So I Launched Booked Up Practice

So my self-chosen “job” is making sure you have the resources and support you need to succeed in your business. We’ll make your online image as professional as you are, and offer you freedom from chasing prospective clients so that you can focus on solving their problems as we work together to build your practice. We’ll get you as “Booked Up” as you want to be – call us today.

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