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Medical Practice Marketing Services Agency

Technology has changed business communication, which means it’s changed the way you get new patients. Practices and clinics which are using decades-old techniques, or even last year’s, are at a competitive disadvantage. That’s where Booked Up Practice comes in…

More Patients – Less Work

If you want to grow your practice this year, you need to put today’s technology to work, without getting distracted from your patient focus. That’s why doctors and other health practices that want to build profits hire us. We reduce the number of hours you spend on marketing so that you can spend more time with patients – and effective marketing just gets handled.

If you’re a solo practitioner, this is critically important. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for the number of hats you need to wear. Instead of being overwhelmed with what you need to learn and orchestrate to make today’s media marketing work, you get an experienced and knowledgeable team for less than the cost of a new hire in your practice. And some cool things happen beyond new patients and more profits, such as happier existing patients, and a higher public profile for you as a subject matter expert.

We are a Full-service Publishing & Media Distribution Agency. We specialize in providing highly targeted, optimized, ongoing campaigns for our clients. Our clients run private practices, and are skilled professionals who understand the value of “marketing done for you” that delivers.

We “just take care of” web design, site maintenance and security, social media, reputation and review management, advertising, video, content publishing and more. You already know how those things can become a time suck – but we handle it, and you are freed to take care of patients. You pay one predictable monthly fee, which pays for itself with new business many times over.

Simply put, we take care of your client acquisition, building you a consistent stream of new clients, while also building your professional reputation.

Generating Business Online

Right now, you may not be getting direct business online. It’s common for us to meet clients who have been told that their website is essentially a brochure. I’ve even seen marketing companies say that you can’t get business from the web… and that’s crazy, because that is where your prospective patient is looking for information about their symptoms, conditions, and professional treatment.

Over 77% of patients searched their physician online before booking their first appointment.

The challenge is that only about 2% of searchers ever go beyond the first page of Google search results, so if you don’t know exactly how to rank on the first page of results, you’re not going to get that business. Typically, our clients see 40 to 60% of their new business come from their website due to great content optimized correctly for local search.

Values That Match Up

We want to work with physicians and healthcare practioners who share our values when it comes to health care. We believe in:

  • A Passion For Holistic Health
  • Minimally Disruptive Medicine
  • Shared Decision Making – Mutual Respect Between Doctor and Patient And Informed Consent
  • Nutrition Before Prescriptions When Possible
  • Identify And Treat The Root Cause Beyond The Symptoms
  • Encouraging Self-awareness
  • An Open Mindset. We Are All Learners.

Booked Up Practice Personalized Marketing Services

We begin each client relationship by identifying the objectives of your campaign. Unlike the majority of Publishing & Media Distribution firms, we do not utilize a “one size fits all” approach. We recognize that each market, niche, and sub/micro niche has unique characteristics. We are sensitive to your market’s individuality, and we will customize an approach that will be consistent with the unique quality of your desired clientele. That doesn’t mean every task we perform for you will be different from what we do for other clients, but it will be optimized for the ideal patient you want to attract.

Booked Up Practice Serves Hero Healthcare WorkersWhose Hero Are You?

However, there’s a real possibility that we may not be right for each other. We only work with a limited number of clients, because we won’t take on anyone who competes with a practice we’re already serving in that area. We’re also picky about working with professionals who get real results for their patients – if you can’t show some testimonials and give us some raving fans to talk to, we’re probably not a fit.

But then again, if you’re great at what you do and get real results, so do we at Booked Up Practice – so that could make for a great partnership. If you’re a Naturopath, Functional Medicine Doctor, Chiropractor or specialized health care practitioner, we might be a match.

Consultative Approach For The Right “Flow” Of Business

We strongly believe in not only letting our clients know what we are doing for them, but also why we have selected specific approaches as well. While many firms downplay the importance of keeping their clients “in the loop” on certain details, we encourage an open dialogue with all of our clients, so that you will understand the big picture strategy, as well as the finer points of the methodology that we are implementing for you. Oh, and we track the real numbers – the metrics that show the results we get.

While we implement highly sophisticated strategies for our clients, we also pride ourselves on being your confidential advisor, when it comes to discussing your needs. We would be delighted to speak with you to learn more about your company and share some ideas on how we can help you reach your goals.

Marketing Targeted to Your “Ideal Patient”

Are you tired of paying for advertising and marketing that doesn’t provide an adequate ROI? Traditional forms of advertising, typically known as “interruption marketing”, rely on a very small percentage of its audience to respond and, hopefully, convert into customers. Oh, and being interrupted frequently is annoying.

Hoping for a 1%-2% response from your marketing efforts is also simply unacceptable, in our view. There are far more effective methods of reaching your audience, so that your message will only be viewed by individuals who are highly targeted and interested in your products or services.

More importantly, once your message is in front of the correct audience, it is critical that you present your company to them in the proper way. Inundating your target audience with advertisements and conventional marketing methods will have extremely limited results (if any).

It is vitally important that you reach your target audience through methods that they will appreciate and value.

We invite you to call us at Booked Up Practice today, so that we can show how to accomplish these objectives.

Innovative Marketing (Yeah, Everyone Says So)

While we provide highly customized and diversified campaigns for each of our clients, we’ve included a general overview of the services and strategies that we offer.

We utilize a highly efficient, two-part strategy for properly getting your message in front of the correct audience. First, we use a proprietary method for identifying how your audience is searching for you. We also consider other key metrics, such as competition levels, to better understand your market. We refer to this first step as the “Market Research” phase.

Once we understand these essential metrics, we develop and distribute media and perform activities that will be consistent with the data that was identified during the market research phase. We appropriately refer to this second step as the “Development & Distribution” phase. Both elements of this two-part strategy work in concert with one another. Specifically, as the metrics derived from the market research data change, so will our Development & Distribution strategy.

What does this look like when we’re not talking marketing-speak? Well, one example is the multiple photo shoots we’ve implemented for a medical weight loss doctor client. They generate happy patients, word of mouth, and excellent photos and video testimonials to be used on social media, his website, and in other marketing. That doesn’t mean photo shoots will be part of your marketing, of course, but it does mean that we can be creative in finding the best way to get your message out.

In addition to this two-part strategy being a highly effective method of reaching your audience, it is also a client-friendly approach, as it allows you to have a greater level of clarity when it comes to understanding the logic behind the strategies that we implement on your behalf.

To learn more about how Booked Up Practice can take your business to the next level, call us today.