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As a health care professional, it's not cost effective for you to be LEARNING marketing when you can be EARNING from marketing. Get a done-for-you marketing program for your private practice.

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“Delighted. Practice getting new people from Google daily!
I think this may be saving my business!”

Dr Susan Jamieson Naturopath and Functional Medicine Doctor, Hong Kong
Dr Susan Jamieson
Hong Kong

"We’ve been able to more than double our revenues and our success."

Dr Bruce Katsura Weight Loss Doctor Hawaii
Dr Bruce Katsura

"I started getting new clients from the online booking system as soon as they completed my new website."

Dr Karel Carnohan Veterinarian North Carolina
Dr Karel Carnohan
Asheville, NC

We spent the last four years testing and refining our practice marketing strategy in some of the most competitive niches there are... Discover exactly how we increased income EIGHTFOLD for this doctor - and specifically what methods we used.

Get the (Incredible) Case Study

Our Case Study is detailed enough that you'll definitely get new ideas for YOUR medical practice. Here's the step-by-step illustrated story of how we used our practice marketing plans to grow a (literally) million dollar practice!

Professional Recognition

Consistent Professional Brand Recognition

We've found that a physician rarely thinks of themself as a service provider who needs a professional brand, but branding done right helps the benefits of your specialty stand out.

Whether it's on your website, in your office, in print ads, or on social media...
your brand will be consistent, attractive, and recognized. There are some great examples of this in our medical practice marketing case study.

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Integrated Practice Marketing

Customized Health Practice Building

We always begin by getting both you and us clear on your goals and targets, and personalizing our blueprint for getting there to suit your practice. When it comes to growing your private practice, one size doesn't fit all. Sure, each client has to be found on Google, but your growth goals have to be taken into account.

It's important that we don't bring on so much business so fast that your staff is overwhelmed. Our experience and willingness to customize your campaign helps deliver the right pace of growth. Sometimes your office business systems have to be tweaked to handle the volume increase. We'll even train your staff to improve customer satisfaction and referrals.

Marketing is synergistic. You can't just fix your website or throw few ads in the paper and expect a powerful return on investment. What works is consistent presentation of the benefits of choosing your practice, in an integrated campaign. We make sure that happens.

  • Step 1

    Our first priority is thoroughly understanding your practice and your business, professional and lifestyle goals.

  • Step 2

    Then, we map out a detailed plan to get your brand and business from where you are, to where you want to be, at a growth rate that is comfortable for you.

  • Step 3

    Once your marketing foundation and new patient acquisition plan is in place, we maintain the inflow of new clients with content marketing, social media, advertisements and other appropriate promotion for your practice.


Some Of Our Practice Marketing Methods

This Is How We Grow Your Practice


Targeted Patient Growth Goals

We coach you to focus on the growth you want, and get clear on your desired practice. Then we help created internal systems and staff training to support quick practice growth.

Brand Identity

Google says your potential clients have to be touched by your marketing 10 times to buy. We make sure they recognize your brand and those touches count.

Your Story and USP

Your Unique Sales Proposition positions you in your patient's minds. It helps them choose and remember you, so they refer you to others more often. It can also be a powerful public relations tool.

Mobile Optimized Website

Over half of your prospects will research on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Your site will be display quickly and attractively to all of them - and Google rewards that performance with rankings.

Getting the Technical Stuff Right

Lots of designers can build a pretty website, but ranking on web search means getting the technical stuff like Schema correct. We optimize every part of your website to make sure you perform well online.

Social Media Presence

Your social media presence will be professional and maintained for you on multiple platforms. You can add your own content any time, but if you're too busy, it's taken care of.

Content Marketing

Quality content marketing pays off month after month. It also increases your professional profile, and makes it much harder for a competitor to displace you in your market.

Professional Citations

Directory sites are important in professional circles, and also important to Google. We ensure you are listed in the right places to build credibility for your business.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM helps stay in touch with former clients to increase revenues, and leads to new referrals. We can advise you on how to implement email and tracking systems.

Review Management

Helping your practice get great reputation reviews is important. We train and track to make sure that happens in our Clinic Marketing Package.

Worry-Free Maintenance

Your website needs to be maintained, secured and backed up. We take care of support for your online presence so that you don't have to worry about it.

Customized Promotion

Your business is unique, so we can't list every promotional tactic here that's appropriate. When you get our book on 75 Ways To Build Your Practice, you'll see some of the methods we might choose for you.

Busy Private Practice

75 Ways To Build Your Private Practice

When you've had a chance to go over the Case Study, we'll also send you our eBook on 75 Ways to Build Your Private Practice.

75 Ways To Build Your Private Practice

When We Do What We Do Best, You Can Do What You Do Best

Your skills can change lives, even save them. You spent years learning them, and it's a waste for you to spend hours and days struggling with marketing, even if it's necessary for growing your private practice. Let us do our job so that you can do yours.

That's win/win. Let's talk.

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